Finding an Internship in the USA

The Sciences Po Alumni Association in the United States, in close cooperation with Sciences Po Avenir, launched a new program aimed at companies and non-for-profit organizations in the United States.
The main purpose of the program, currently, is to assist 3rd year students to find long term (at least 8 months) internships and to facilitate contacts with hiring firms. Potential employers are the US subsidiaries of European firms, American companies, non profit associations and governmental entities.

To qualify for internships in the US, candidates must:

  • demonstrate a good command of English (TOEFL or GRU test score for instance)
  • proof of the financial resources to support themselves (internships are generally not remunerated or come with a limited stipend allocation)
  • provide detailed information regarding their qualifications, interests and objectives.

The US Association has received expressions of interest from potential employers active in fields as diverse as luxury goods, communications and advertising, legal and accounting, financial institutions and not-for-profit. The US Association will provide Sciences Po Avenir with a list of potential offers and a description of the employers' requirements. The list of open internships will then be posted and applications from the students will be reviewed by Sciences Po Avenir and, when complete, relayed to the hiring organizations. Hiring procedures may vary from one firm to another but generally include at least two telephone interviews with the applicants.

It is essential that Sciences Po candidates be well prepared and motivated as they will be competing with American and international students. They will however have the advice and support of both Sciences Po Avenir and the US Alumni Association.

We stand ready to contact more than 50 potential employers in the United States and want to show them that Sciences Po students are smart, hard working and efficient interns and potential associates. We welcome your support in this endeavor and would appreciate your leads or suggestions. Please send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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